Support Our "Raise the Curtain" Campaign

Show your support and help us Raise the Curtain and reach our $25,000 goal by donating a one-time gift or monthly recurring donation. Watch our progress! We will update the graphic on this page as we reach new donation milestones throughout this campaign. Plus, we're giving back! When you meet certain donation levels, you'll earn free tickets to our performances and more!

Raise the Curtain Campaign Progress

Become a Star!

  • Lucky Stars ($1-$24)
    Name in program
  • Bronze Stars ($25-$49)
    Name in program and 1 free ticket to an opening night performance.
  • Silver Stars ($50-$99)
    Name in program and 1 free ticket to any show this season
  • Gold Stars ($100-$249)
    Name in program and 2 free tickets to any show this season
  • Ruby Stars ($250-$499)
    Name in program, 4 free tickets to any show this season, and free concessions throughout the season
  • Diamond Stars ($500-$999)
    Name in program, 6 free tickets for the season, free concessions all season, and an invitation to our year-end celebration
  • Stars of Wonder ($1,000 and above)
    Name in program, 6 free tickets for the season, free concessions, an invitation to our year-end celebration, and a “walk on” appearance in a show (if available)

Your generosity and support is greatly appreciated!

Introducing the "Raise the Curtain" fundraising campaign for Workshop Players theatre! Our beloved community theatre-in-the-round has persevered through the challenging times of the pandemic, managing to make a small comeback with a couple of shows earlier this year. However, we need the support of you, our generous supporters now more than ever.

With you one-time gift or a monthly recurring donation, we can ensure that our "curtain" stays raised and our stage lights shine brighter than ever before. The Workshop Players theatre aims to create a transformative and captivating experience for you and your fellow theatre enthusiats, but that requires a budget to make the necessary repairs and improvements.

By contributing to this campaign, you will play a vital role in making our theatre-going experience better than ever, not only for the dedicated artists and performers but for the entire community to enjoy. Help Workshop Players continue our artistic journey, allowing the magic of live theatre to flourish in our community. Join us in raising the curtain and illuminating the stage with the warmth and wonder of the performing arts!

Board member Pat Price talks about our Raise The Curtain campaign

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