75 Years of Shows at Workshop Players

Welcome to our Past Shows archive, a nostalgic journey through the theatrical legacy of Workshop Players. Over the course of 75 years, our volunteer community theatre has brought to life an eclectic array of performances, from intimate one and two character plays to grand 40-actor extravaganzas.

Year Show Author Director
1948 Smilin' Through A. L. Martin Valerie Jenkins
1949 Lost Horizons J. Hilton - adpt Martens & Sergel Valerie Jenkins
1950 Papa is All P. Greene Valerie Jenkins
1950 Love Rides the Rails - or - Will the Mail Train Run Tonight? M. Cary Valerie Jenkins
1950 The Importance of Being Ernest O.Wilde Jean Schaeffer & Valerie Jenkins
1951 If Men Played Cards as Women Do G. S. Kaufman Jack Koontz
1951 The Neighbors Z. Gale Valerie Jenkins
1951 Harvey M. Chase Valerie Jenkins
1951 Kind Lady E. Chocorov Valerie Jenkins
1952 Heaven Can Wait H. Sequll Valerie Jenkins
1952 The Hill Between L. Volmer Valerie Jenkins
1952 Years Ago R. Gordon Valerie Jenkins
1953 Five Traveling Men M. F. Bill Valerie Jenkins
1953 Ladies in Retirement E. Peray & R. Denham Jack Koontz
1953 Heidi J. W. Rodgers Valerie Jenkins
1954 The Man Who Came to Dinner M. Hart & G. S. Kaufman Jean Schaeffer
1954 "Bell, Book and Candle" J. Van Druten Jack Koontz
1954 Mrs. Moonlight B. W. Levy Valerie Jenkins
1955 Would-Be Gentleman Moliere - trans. J. Wood Valerie Jenkins
1955 The Curious Savage J. Patrick Jean Schaeffer
1955 "Dial ""M"" for Murder" F. Knott Valerie Jenkins
1956 Cheaper by the Dozen C. Serquel Valerie Jenkins
1956 The Southwest Corner J. C. Holm Jean Schaeffer
1956 The Solid Gold Cadillac H. Teichman & G. S. Kaufman Valerie Jenkins
1957 The Late Christopher Bean S. Howard Valerie Jenkins
1957 Family Portrait L. Coffee & Wm. Cowen Valerie Jenkins
1957 Twelve Angry Women S. Serquel Valerie Jenkins
1958 Teahouse of the August Moon J. Patrick Valerie Jenkins
1958 "Western Union, Please" A. Hackett & F. Goodrich Valerie Jenkins
1958 The Heiress R. A. Goetz Jean Schaeffer
1959 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court M. Twain - adpt. John G. Fuller Valerie Jenkins
1959 A Man Called Peter C. Marshall - adpt J. McGreevey Valerie Jenkins
1959 Apple of His Eye K.Nicholson & C. Robinson Valerie Jenkins
1960 Gramercy Ghost J. C. Holm Valerie Jenkins
1960 The Hasty Heart J. Patrick Valerie Jenkins
1960 Girls in 509 H. Teichman Valerie Jenkins & Jean Schaeffer
1961 White Sheep of the Family L. Dugarde Peach & I. Hay Jack Koontz
1961 The World of Sholom Aleichem A. Pearl Valerie Jenkins
1961 Luxury Cruise F. Charmichel Jean Schaeffer
1962 Sabrina Fair S. Taylor Valerie Jenkins
1962 High Ground C. Hastings Valerie Jenkins
1962 The Silver Whistle R. E. McEnroe Jean Schaeffer
1963 Not in the Book A. Watkyn Valerie Jenkins
1963 Two Dozen Red Roses K. Horne Evelyn Witham
1963 Critic's Choice I. Levin Francis McDonough
1964 Everyone Loves Opal J. Patrick Valerie Jenkins
1964 Speaking of Murder A. & Wm. Roose Evelyn Witham
1964 Come Blow Your Horn N. Simon Evelyn Witham
1965 Bells Are Ringing B. Comden & A. Green Jean Schaeffer & Lois Gremore
1965 The Vigil L. Fodor Valerie Jenkins
1965 "Dear Me, The Sky is Falling" L. Spigelgass Francis McDonough
1965 Miss Pell is Missing L. Gershe Evelyn Witham
1966 Wizard of Oz E. F. Goodspeed Jean Schaeffer, Lois Gremore, Jenny Heinzerling
1966 On Borrowed Time P. Osborn Valerie Jenkins
1966 Ramshackle Inn G. Batson Evelyn Witham
1967 A Midsummer Night's Dream (scene) Shakespeare Virginia Waratinsky
1967 The Andersonville Trial (scene) S. Levitt Dennis Dulmage
1967 The Great Sabastians (scene) H. Lindsay & R. Crouse (Adapted by S. Koontz) Jean Schaeffer
1967 The Plain Dealer Wm.Wycherley Valerie Jenkins
1967 J. B. A. MacLeish Francis McDonough
1967 Arsenic and Old Lace J. Kesselring Evelyn Witham
1968 Chicken Every Sunday J. J. & P. Epstein Jean Schaeffer
1968 Blithe Spirit N. Coward Virginia Waratinsky
1968 Generation Wm. Goodhart Evelyn Witham
1969 Angel Street - a.k.a. Gaslight P. Hamilton Evelyn Witham
1969 See How They Run P. King Virginia Waratinsky
1969 Our Town Th. Wilder Valerie Jenkins
1970 The Lion in Winter J. Goldman Evelyn Witham
1970 Star-Spangled Girl N. Simon Jean Schaeffer
1970 Don't Drink the Water W. Allen Francis McDonough
1971 Middle of the Night P. Chayefsky Evelyn Witham
1971 Love Rides the Rails - or - Will the Mail Train Run Tonight? M. Cary Valerie Jenkins
1971 She Loves Me "Masteroff, Bock & Harnick" Jean Schaeffer
1972 Love Rides the Rails - or - Will the Mail Train Run Tonight? M. Cary Valerie Jenkins
1972 A Shot in the Dark adpt by H. Kurnitz Evelyn Witham
1972 The Wayward Stork H. Tuqend Valerie Jenkins
1972 Lost Horizons J. Hilton - adpt Martens & Sergel Jean Schaeffer
1973 Smilin' Through A. L. Martin Valerie Jenkins
1973 Heaven Can Wait H. Sequll Evelyn Witham
1973 Suds in Your Eye J. Kirkland Evelyn Witham
1974 Fiddler on the Roof Stein, Bock & Harnick Valerie Jenkins & Howard Hansen
1974 Cactus Flower A. Burrows Jean Schaeffer
1974 "One Up, One Down, One Pending" M. Camoletti - adpt B. Cross Valerie Jenkins
1975 Glass Menagerie T. Williams Francis McDonough
1975 Invitation to a March A. Laurents Evelyn Witham & Francis McDonough
1975 Suppressed Desires S. Glaspell David Metzger
1975 Heat Lightning R. Carroll Dorothy Howe
1975 A Friendly Loan D. L. Crowder Dick Beal
1975 Catch Me if You Can J. Weinstock & W. Gilbert Evelyn Witham
1976 Flower Drum Song Rodgers & Hammerstein Howard Hansen
1976 Pure as the Driven Snow - or - Heaven will Protect the Working Girl Valerie Jenkins
1976 "Mary, Mary" J. Kerr David Metzger
1976 Aspern Papers H. James Valerie Jenkins
1977 Kiss Me Kate "C. Porter, S. & B. Spewack" Howard Hansen
1977 Born Yesterday G. Kanin Evelyn Witham
1977 The Apple Tree M. Twain - adpt Bock & Harnick Howard Hansen
1977 I Do! I Do! T. Jones & H. Schmidt Howard Hansen
1977 The Mousetrap A. Christie Francis McDonough
1978 Life With Father H. Lindsay & R. Crouse Valerie Jenkins
1978 Anastasia M. Maurette Evelyn Witham
1978 Everybody Loves Opal J. Patrick Francis McDonough
1979 Mad Woman of Chaillot J. Giraudoux James Murray
1979 The Absence of a Cello I.Wallach Virginia Waratinsky
1979 A Room Full of Roses E. Sommer Evelyn Witham
1979 "No Sex Please, We're British" A. Marriott & A. Foot Evelyn Witham
1979 My Three Angels S. & B. Spewack Valerie Jenkins
1980 A Tribute to Richard Rodgers nar. R. Hansen David Stacko
1980 Second Time Around H.Denker Evelyn Witham
1980 Any Wednesday M. Resnik David Cotton
1980 Wonderful Town "L. Bernstein, B. Comden, & A. Green" Jeddie Driscoll
1981 Night Watch L. Fletcher David Cotton
1981 She Stoops to Conquer O. Goldsmith Valerie Jenkins
1981 Bus Stop Wm. Inge Virginia Waratinsky
1981 Ladies of the Juty F. Ballard Evelyn Witham
1982 Irene H. Wheeler & J. Stein Valerie Jenkins
1982 On Golden Pond E. Thompson Evelyn Witham
1982 "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" C. Greener David Cotton & Lynna Snyder
1982 We Must Kill Toni I. S. Black Evelyn Witham
1983 Family Album (original) Valerie Jenkins Valerie Jenkins
1983 Blithe Spirit N. Coward Virginia Waratinsky
1984 January Thaw Wm. Roose Lynna Snyder & Caron Kelley
1984 Godspell J-M.Tebalak & S. Schwartz David Cotton
1984 Mass Appeal B. C. Davis Francis McDonough & E. Witham
1984 The Red Shoes R. Short Caron Kelley
1985 Stop The World L. Bricusse & A. Newley Lynna Snyder
1985 Kind Lady E. Chocorov Francis McDonough
1985 Plaza Suite N. Simon Casey Wolnowski
1985 The Orphans J. Prideux Teresa Jenkins Butchko
1986 On Borrowed Time P. Osborn Valerie Jenkins
1986 Harvey M. Chase Caron Kelley
1986 Miss Liberty I. Berlin & R. E. Sherwood Valerie Jenkins
1986 The Loud Red Patrick J. Boruff Evelyn Witham
1987 To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday M. Brady Caron Kelley
1987 The Curious Savage J. Patrick Jonathan Wilhelm
1987 Teahouse of the August Moon J. Patrick Valerie Jenkins
1987 Foxfire S. Cooper & H. Cronyn Virginia Waratinsky
1988 Of Thee I Sing G. & I. Gershwin Jeff Gedridge & mus. Harriet Michaels
1988 The Foreigner L. Shue Don Dickens
1988 Enter Laughing J. Stein & C. Reiner Don Dickens
1988 Cotton Patch Gospel "R. Treyz & T. Key, mus H. Chapin" Valerie Jenkins & mus. Harriet Michaels
1989 Forty Carats J. Allen Thelma Carrigan
1989 Morning's At Seven P. Osborn Jonathan Wilhelm
1989 The Gazebo A. Coppel Lynna Snyder
1989 Hearts & Faces adpt by Jonathan Wilhelm Valerie Jenkins & mus. Bev Sperry
1990 Breath of Spring P. Coke Thelma Carrigan
1990 Cotton Patch Gospel "R. Treyz & T. Key, mus H. Chapin" Valerie Jenkins
1990 The Rainmaker R. Nash Brent Crawford
1990 Squabbles M. Karp William Reising
1990 The Trip to Bountiful H. Foote Pamela A. Pickworth
1991 Gigi Lerner & Lowe Valerie Jenkins
1991 Rashomon F & M. Kanin Brent Crawford
1991 Anybody Out There J. Patrick William Reising
1991 A Walk in the Woods L. Blessing Caron Kelley
1992 The Late Christopher Bean S. Howard Pamela A. Pickworth
1992 Therese T. Job Virginia Waratinsky
1992 I Do! I Do! T. Jones & H. Schmidt David Cotton & mus. Bev Sperry
1992 The Cemetery Club I. Menchell Caron Kelley
1993 Seven Keys to Baldpate G. M. Cohan William Reising
1993 I Remember Mama "Rodgers, Chamin, Meehan" Valerie Jenkins & mus. Maureen Koepke
1993 Shirley Valentine W. Russell Caron Kelley
1993 The Nerd L. Shue William Reising
1993 The Fantastics T. Jones & H. Schmidt Wade Hubbard
1994 Crimes of the Heart B. Henley Caron Kelley
1994 Comedy of Errors Shakespeare David Cotton
1994 Rehearsal for Desire (original) J. S. Cummins Caron Kelley
1994 How the Other Half Loves A. Ayckbourn Bill Brumfield
1994 Beau Jeste J. Sherman Larry Nehring
1995 The Death & Life of Sneaky Fitch J. L. Rosenburg William Reising
1995 The Gin Game D. L. Coburn Pamela A. Pickworth
1995 Steel Magnolias R. Harding Teresa Jenkins Butchko
1996 Greater Tuna "J. Williams, J. Sears, E. Howard" Marilyn Hubbard
1996 My Father's Face Was Crystal (original) Wade Hubbard Wade Hubbard & Barbara Bentz
1996 "Come Back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean" E. Graczyk David Cotton
1996 Heartbeats A. McBroom Caron Kelley
1996 Lost In Yonkers N. Simon Pamela A. Pickworth
1996 The Whales of August D. Berry Bill Brumfield
1997 The Boy Friend S. Wilson William Reising & mus. Jayne Bartish
1997 All My Sons A. Miller Don Wozniak
1997 And the World Goes Round Kander & Ebb Wade Hubbard & mus. David Erdei
1997 Cheaper by the Dozen C. Serquel Teresa Jenkins
1997 Cotton Patch Gospel "R. Treyz & T. Key, mus H. Chapin" Wade Hubbard & mus. David Stacko
1998 The Lion in Winter J. Goldman David Cotton
1998 Critic's Choice I. Levin Caron Kelley
1998 Love Rides the Rails - or - Will the Mail Train Run Tonight? M. Cary William Reising
1998 Our Town Th. Wilder Chas Deremer
1998 "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" C. Greener Teresa Jenkins & mus. David Erdei
1998 The Runner Stumbles M. Stitt Caron Kelley
1999 Sylvia A. R. Gurney Wade Hubbard
1999 God of Isaac J. Sherman David Cotton
1999 The Mousetrap A. Christie William Reising
1999 The Children's Hour L. Hellman Teresa Jenkins Butchko
1999 Kindly Keep It Covered D. Freeman Mike Leuszler
2000 Grace and Glory T. Ziegler Pamela A. Pickworth
2000 A . . . My Name is Alice Silver & Boyd Dave MacKeigan
2000 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum "A. Gilbert, mus. Sondheim" Bill Brumfield & mus. Bev Sperry
2000 A Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around Talking J. F. Noonan Valerie Farschman
2000 Plaza Suite N. Simon Mike Leuszler
2000 Secrets Every Smart Traveler Should Know Bernstein et al Wade Hubbard & mus. Susan Molek
2001 The Lights Are Warm & Colored Wm. Norfolk Marilyn Hubbard
2001 Early One Evening at the Rainbow Bar & Grill B. Graham William Reising
2001 Lies and Legends: The Music of Harry Chapin "Chapin, Chapin et al" Dave MacKeigan
2001 Arsenic and Old Lace J. Kesselring Don Wozniak
2001 Picnic Wm. Inge Mike Leuszler
2001 Once Upon A Mattress "M. Rodger, M. Barer, et al" David Erdei
2002 Last of the Red Hot Lovers N. Simon Don Wozniak
2002 Godspell J-M.Tebalak & S. Schwartz Dave MacKeigan
2002 Mama's Veil (original) Teresa Jenkins David Cotton
2002 All In The Timing J. Orton Mitch Manthey
2002 I Hate Hamlet Paul Rudnick Pamela A. Pickworth
2002 84 Charing Cross Road Marilyn Hubbard
2003 She Loves Me David Erdei
2003 Gunmetal Blues Dave Mackeigan
2003 Jake's Women Neil Simon Wade Hubbard
2003 The Diary of Anne Frank Teresa Jenkins
2003 "Bell, Book and Candle" David Cotton
2003 The Compleat Wks of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged) Mike Leuszler
2004 Arms and the Man George Bernard Shaw Virginia Waratinsky
2004 Schoolhouse Rock Live Bill Reising/Jayne Bartish
2004 The Dining Room Don Wozniak
2004 The Silver Whistle Robert E. McEnroe Jack Warren
2004 Quilters Jen Warren
2005 The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Thomas/Redmond John Turner
2005 Jacques Brel � Living in Paris Blau/Shuman/Brel Wade Hubbard/Jayne Bartish
2005 The Foreigner Larry Shue Dave Mackeigan
2005 G.I Jukebox Rick Lewis Dave Cotton/Bev Sperry
2005 45 Seconds From Broadway Neil Simon Skip Corris
2005 Jerry Finnegan's Sister Jack Neary Wade Hubbard
2006 Angel Street - a.k.a. Gaslight Patrick Hamilton Dave Stacko
2006 Marvin's Room Scott McPherson Dave Cotton
2206 You Can't Take It With You Virginia Waratinsky
2006 Nuncrackers Dan Goggins Dave Stacko
2007 "I Love You, You're Perfect. Now Change" Dave Mackeigan
2007 Diary of Adam and Eve/Children's Letters To God Teresa Jenkins/Jenifer Warren
2007 Over The Tavern Don Wozniak
2007 The Odd Couple Neil Simon Wade Hubbard
2007 Nunsense Dan Goggins Jenifer Warren/Sandy Tucker
2008 Over The River And Through The Woods Joe DiPietro Dale Hruska
2008 Adrift in New York Addison Aulger Bill Reising
2008 G.I. Jukebox Rick Lewis Dave Cotton
2008 Lying In State Virginia Waratinsky
2008 Christmas Belles Dave Mackeigan
2009 Last Mass at St. Casimir's Don Wozniak
2009 To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday Jack Warren
2009 Scapino Dave Cotton
2009 And Then There Were None Agatha Christie Greg Friedman/Marilyn Hubbard
2009 Fantasticks Jones/Schmidt Wade Hubbard/mus. Bev Sperry
2010 Fools Neil Simon Dave Stacko
2010 The Rainmaker Richard Nash Pat Price
2010 My Father's Face Was Crystal (original) Wade Hubbard Don Wozniak
2010 The Uninvited Tim Kelly Dave Mackeigan
2010 Meshugah-Nuns Dan Goggins Dave Stacko
2011 To Forgive Divine Virginia Waratinsky
2011 The Curious Savage Debra Rose
2011 Bloody Murder Greg Friedman
2011 "Musical of Musicals, The Musical" Dave Mackeigan
2011 Murder By The Book Bob Kenderes
2012 Cover of Life Dave Cotton
2012 Send Me No Flowers Pat Price
2012 Do Black Patent Leather Shoes �. Dave Stacko
2012 Cabaret "Masterhoff, Kander and Ebb" Jonathon O'Toole
2012 Every Christmas Story Ever Told .. And then some "Carleton, FitzGerald, Alvarez" Greg Friedman
2013 My Way David Grapes/Todd Olsen Dave Mackeigan
2013 Shakespeare in Hollywood Ken Ludwig Kristina Rivera
2013 On Golden Pond E. Thompson Dave Stacko
2013 A � My Name Is Alice "Boyd, Silver" Dave MacKeigan
2013 The Fox on the Fairway Ken Ludwig Pat Price
2014 "Almost, Maine" John Cariani Chris Bizub
2014 Moonlight and Magnolias Ron Hutchison Brad Sales
2014 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Tennessee Williams Teresa Jenkins Fowler
2014 Company George Firth/Stephen Sondheim Jennifer and Andrew Bertoni
2014 The Woman in Black Mallaratt/Hill Dave MacKeigan
2015 "Love, Sex and the IRS" Van Zandt/Milmore Greg Friedman
2015 The Orphans James Prideaux Judy MacKeigan
2015 It Runs in the Family Ray Cooney Mason Adams
2015 Nunsensations! The Nunsense Las Vegas Revue Dan Goggins Dave Stacko
2015 A Christmas Carol Dickens/Paller Jonathan McCleery
2016 The Laramie Project Moises Kaufman Rebecca Frick
2016 The Game's Afoot (or Holmes For The Holidays) Ken Ludwig Kristina Rivera
2016 The Star Spangled Girl Neil Simon Pat Price
2016 Dearly Beloved "Wooten, Jones, Hope" Dave MacKeigan
2016 "Uh Oh, Here Comes Christmas" "Caldwell, Zulia, Fulghum" Kristina Rivera
2017 Squabbles Marshall Karp Brad Sales
2017 Don't Dress For Dinner "M. Camoletti, R Hawdon" Pat Price
2017 Sylvia A.R. Gurney Dave Mackeigan
2017 "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" Clark Gesner Kristina Rivera
2017 Blithe Spirit Noel Coward Dave Mackeigan
2018 Miss Pell is Missing Leonard Gershe Shelbey Linder
2018 Steel Magnolias Robert Harling Judy MacKeigan
2018 The Second Time Around Henry Denker Dave Stacko
2018 Farce of Habit "Wooten, Jones, Hope" Dave MacKeigan
2018 Night Watch Louise Fletcher Pat Price
2019 Forever Plaid Stuart Ross Mike LaRochelle
2019 Charlotte's Web adapted from the book by E.B. White by Josh Robinette Kristina Rivera
2019 The Savannah Sipping Society "Wooten, Jones, Hope" Pat Price
2019 Becky's New Car Steven Dietz Judy MacKeigan
2019 The Jungle Book adapted by Monica Flory from stories by Rudyard Kipling Jennifer Ludwig
2020 The Odd Couple (female version) Neil Simon Shelbey Linder
2021 Panache Don Gordon Pat Price
2022 Love Letters A.R. Gurney Kristina Rivera
2022 The Kitchen Witches Caroline Smith Kevin Cline
2022 Every Brilliant Thing Duncan MacMillan with Johnny Donahoe Kristina Rivera
2023 Barefoot in the Park Neil Simon Dave MacKeigan
2023 Free To Be... You And Me Marlo 'thomas and friends Justin Bilewoicz

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